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wig out

  • Freaking out, going crazy, out of control.
    Man, that guy was wiggin' out at the party last night!

    Last edited on Jun 29 2011. Submitted by Kendall from MA, USA on Nov 09 1999.

  • To freak out in such an uncool way.
    Chill out man, don't wig out.

    Last edited on Jul 17 2002. Submitted by Dan D. from Chicago, IL, USA on Jul 17 2002.

  • To overreact to a bad or distressing situation. 2. To go crazy. 3. To become violent, angry, or make a scene.
    He was wigging out about his car being towed.

    Last edited on May 17 2011. Submitted by Ben C. from Phoenix, AZ, USA on Nov 12 2002.

  • To unintentionally make someone think your weird, or freak someone out.
    You were acting weird man... you wigged her out.

    Last edited on Jan 20 2003. Submitted by Courtney H. from Damascus, MD, USA on Jan 20 2003.

  • go crazy, go nuts, temporary insanity
    I didn't expect she'd totally wig out!
    Dang, she really wigged out when I told her.

    Last edited on Jul 29 2004. Submitted by B. R. from Saint Petersburg, FL, USA on Jul 29 2004.


  • To act in an irrational manner.
    When my boyfriend walked in on me with his best friend, I thought he was going to wig out.
    When Michael Jackson's Jheri curl caught on fire he wigged out.

    Last edited on Jun 29 2011. Submitted by Virginia C. from West Chester, PA, USA on Sep 23 2004.

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