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  • annoyed, angry, upset, disappointed.
    Don't get cut over what he said.
    She is not cut.

    Last edited on Apr 27 2013. Submitted by Jason W. from Melbourne, VIC, Australia on Jul 29 1998.

  • possessing well-defined muscles due to the absence of fat.
    He did construction work all summer and now he's really cut.
    I was wondering if you can help me loose some thickness around my waist so I look cut for summer.
    • See more words with the same meaning: muscular.

    Last edited on Nov 19 2015. Submitted by JE from St Louis, MO, USA on Feb 10 1999.

  • cut off from a friendship, group, or broken up with by a significant other. Perhaps a shortened form of "cut off."
    You are so cut!
    Better get a bandage 'cause ya cut.

    Last edited on Mar 31 2002. Submitted by Natasha on Mar 31 2002.

  • circumcised.
    • See more words with the same meaning: penis.

    Last edited on Apr 07 2009. Submitted by Anonymous on Apr 07 2009.



verb - intransitive

  • to intentionally cut oneself as a form of self-harm.
    I've been cutting again.

    Last edited on Jan 07 2015. Submitted by Walter Rader (Editor) from Sacramento, CA, USA on Jan 07 2015.

verb - transitive

  • to dilute or adulterate illegal drugs.
    They say that cocaine is cut with baby laxative.
    • See more words with the same meaning: to dilute.

    Last edited on Jan 06 2012. Submitted by Walter Rader (Editor) from Sacramento, CA, USA on Sep 02 2009.

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