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  • Pap, or pap smear, is usually used in describing people that aren't liked, in general. The person is often annoying or a jerk. Those two characteristics are often the key in the usage.
    That guy is such a pap.

    Last edited on Mar 31 2013. Submitted by AA from NJ, USA on Feb 26 2003.

  • something worthless.
    Your security precautions are pap.

    Last edited on Nov 26 2011. Submitted by Anonymous on Oct 18 2010.


  • Pap, an alternative name for milk. It is derived from 'Paps' a slang word for female breasts.
    Would you like pap in your coffee?
    Get a bottle of pap from the shop for me please.

    Last edited on Aug 19 2014. Submitted by Anonymous on Aug 19 2014.

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